Online Shops For The Youth In Vogue

The trends of clothing keep changing every now and then. With the world of online shopping impending the youth is getting easy access to existent fashions. It becomes really important for the next generation to be a part of trending subculture which mostly requires the need of right apparels. Online shopping for women has given numerous options to choose and stay in the vogue of today.

There are different habiliments and accessories available for today’s women. Jump suits, evening gowns, Dresses and tunic tops are few of the popular apparels which are offered in different material such as leather, cotton, silk and so on. Not only cloths, bags of various styles like sling bags, hobo bags, clutches etc. made from different types of leather such as suede, embossed, aniline and many more. Online clothing stores also provide various discounts and special offers on different occasions.

The treat of internet shopping is just not limited to women. Online shopping for men has provided all the prevailing taste to the buds of men. With different style of leather jackets and casual wears, the list goes till the small accessories such as belts, scarves, stoles, wallets, bags and money clippers. It gives an easy access to men, so that they can also be a part of the latest trends and find happiness in the daily hectic work schedule. From formal to informal, there is diversity in the clothing for men. With the right online store, it becomes an ease to be wearing something unique in office or outside.

Hand Bags- A Necessity of Women

The handbag is in vogue. It is no longer considered as a fashion accessory to carry to a social assemblage, it has become an indispensable part of every woman’s daily life, the custodian of her most valued secrets. So culling the right handbag is an important decision to be made with exceptional care and composure, There are different varieties of bags available in the market like:

Sling Bags: These bags are worn with one strap over the shoulder and look elegant especially with one pieces, evening gowns and jumpsuits etc.

Hobo Bags: These bags are comparatively large with slouchy posture and long strap which comes over one shoulder. These bags are for casual wears and are big enough to keep all the essentials.

• Clutches: These are small compact wallet size purses that are carried in hand.


Leather Sling bags online

If you are tired of going to different stores and finding the same products over and over again then try Hand bags online. The diversity of bags is not limited to the type but also to the material. There are different categories of hand bags on the basis of the material:

• Leather hand bags
• Suede hand bags
• Nylon hand bags
• Canvas hand bags
• Cotton hand bags

Every type of handbag represents something special about a woman’s voluptuous personality and feminine nature. Thus, it is called a companion in women’s life.


Online Clothing Stores – Ushering to Royalty

With the rise in the industry of E-commerce, many companies have joined the venture of online shopping portals, while most of the online portals sell products from third party manufacturers, some works as both the manufacturer and seller.

The world is trending towards more advanced way of shopping. With online clothing store it has become easy to perceive the voguish style and purchase the prevailing taste in apparel & accessories. One of the eminent attire is leather jackets.

Leather is immensely fashionable and is used in different classes of clothing. Following are few of the snazziest ways to wear leather:

• Suede leather tops
• Paisley embossed leather wears.
• Suede leather dresses.
• Colored leather jackets.

Leather jackets online

These leather apparels are nifty and are worn by different dignitaries. The fashion is just not limited to dressing in a boring regular way it is enhanced by several accessories. Accessories play decisive role between an evident habiliment and astonishing evening dress. With the right fashion sense accessories can heighten the features of apparel making it look more appealing to the viewer. Some of these accessories are:

    • Stone Rings to go with them dresses.
    • Embossed belts.
    • Necklaces
    • Earrings
    • Bracelets
  • FOR MEN:
    • Leather Belts
    • Ties.
    • Stoles.
    • Money clippers
    • Wallets.

Be it men or women, clothes enlivens millions to embellish themselves in aristocratic way and be ushered to the altitude of their favorite personage.

When matching your fashion accessories with your face makeup absolutely works

Gone are the days when going matching-matching was a huge trend, now it’s all about coordination everywhere. Our Bollywood divas and stylists have proved that if done right, coordinating your makeup with your clothing and accessories can bring magnificent results. Read out a few tips that might help you.

Bold it right

Do not go overboard while coordinating your entire look. Always remember to strike the perfect balance of colors, highlight the one area and keep the rest simple. For an instance, if you are carrying a Bright pink bag and matching it with daring pink lipstick, you do not need to work much on your eyes only the mascara will do.

Play on color tones

Don’t pick your eye palette and starting making shades that match exactly to the color of your Bag/ footwear/ dress. Too many of same color bites the fashion rules and make it a complete disaster. Rather look for shades in the same color family with similar effects of your bag. Light sea-blue eye shadow with shimmery effect looks stunning with navy blue Bag or dress; you must give this coordination a try.

Start small

If you are not a makeup girl, don’t wear a bold lipstick or eye-shadow suddenly, people might not digest this look. Opt for matching nail polish, another fashion that celebs have been going for on event nights and the red carpet.

Clutch your fashion

If you feel too risky or hesitant to wear above suggestions, go safe. Match your clutch with your dress and look simply stunning. You do not need to wear makeup when you have your accessories perfectly matched to your outfit. (Extra points if your heels get matched with your entire look)

The Velvet Revolution

Just when we feel the quaking of winter shots, we get into feather and furs to be buggy bears or we are found wrapped in woollen knitted shawls. This winter, we are taking a ballsy move by introducing the Renaissance velvet in our season’s collection, and let’s call it ‘The velvet revolution’.  The idea behind is to add little plush and liveliness to this season of cold and sluggish. Hence when we thought of branching out velvet into stoles, and neckties, we needed more than just a trend to be convinced. Sure, velvet has its charms from years, but who needs fashion when it’s freaking freezing outside. And, who misses when fashion and warmth comes in one package.

Our velvet stoles for men and women are sure to take you a bar up on the fashion charts keeping your shivering bones in comfort. It’s interesting to tell you that this plush fabric keeps you warm in winters and cool in summers.  Therefore, these stoles are wearable all year around.  Plus, these wraps are further embellished with light embroidery work which makes them distinctive.  You may also find fringe detailing in our women velvet stoles.  Aren’t these dancing threads cute?

While designing men’s necktie out of the same embroidered velvet material, we found it catchy. But as they say, difference makes the trends and trends do not hold to be consistent all the time. Check

out our ‘The velvet revolution’ and let us know your opinions on the same

Advices/suggestions/feedback are always welcome.

The velvet revolution collection:

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‘The carefree’ collection

We have recently introduced a new harness to our range. Our ‘The Carefree’ collection offers hands free shoulder bags/crossovers in variety of materials/fabrics. The crossover is the popular style loved and worn by most of the active women for its youthful charisma. Compared to those who carry wristlets and clutches, the woman wearing the shoulder bag across her body is energetic, carefree, loves to explore the world.


The carefree collection

Practical and weight reliever, the crossover bags are beneficial for your health on top. This style allows you to love the pebbles of life in a more pragmatic manner. It spreads the luggage weight across your back and avoids the backbone damages caused by carrying the heavy baggage along. In addition to this, you can organize your papers and important documents in place. Mostly at airports, we don’t want to rest our premium leather made suitcase on the floor to check for the formality papers. In that case, the Crossovers do best to sustain and systematize your things keeping them handy.

Crafted from pleather, leather, canvas and wool fabrics, this range of cross body bags adds further to your everyday’s strength and style. These handbags are perfect for moving and shopping where you would want to feel empty handed, but still securely attached your valuables. In the classic u-shape, these bags look unique and special to make you stand loud in the crowd.

If you like the youthful, lively spirit of these shoulder bags and would want to stay up-to date with the newest bag trends, Check out our ‘The Carefree Collection’ in exotic leather, and other premium quality fabrics that speaks to you, of thrill, modernity and adventure!

No matter wherever your plans take you, you are always ready to cope up with both of your hands.

The Art of Weaving Collection

The art of weaving collection

From fiber to fabric, our ‘the art of weaving’ collection casts of our expertise in combining weaving technique with contemporary patterns. This collection intentionally includes limited edition bags in the color combination of black, white, gray and red. The idea behind this collection makes it more interesting though. On our recent office trip to Maharashtra, we’ve seen the ‘pathani weaving technique’.  This method carries the aesthetic legacy of their land. The designs they’ve created out of two different color threads were special and stunning at the same time. However, the exquisiteness was in the strings that were joined together, but still kept separately. Inspired by these weaving elements of life, this collection is a result of contributions of ancient glory and modern trends.

Made of faux leather and warm wool, this assortment embraces the uniqueness of jacquard weaving to bring an air of sophistication. The fabrics used in making are superior in quality and demand less maintenance. The woollen touch keeps the sense of warm care whenever you’re out facing those freezing winter shots. Despite the fact that the faux leather is smooth to touch and wool has a rough texture, it came out as a complimentary combination that appealed to us.  The choices are endless always, and when we immersed in a heap of fabrics is when we feel to do the creative.

Subsequently, an awe-inspiring aspect of this collection is ‘The red color infusion’ that makes them the best choice for late December days. At times, we buy tons of bright reds to celebrate Christmas in town, and after that, they are drooped in the wardrobe for following season’s X-Mas.  Thus, we’ve made them all truly versatile to use after Christmas and New Year Eve too.

We Hope you will love our new collection. Check out our ‘The art of weaving’ collection here:

If you’ve designs, styles, techniques or ideas in mind, please do share in the comment section below. We would love to incorporate your suggestions in our forthcoming collections.

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Choose right pair of drop earrings

Drop earrings are one of the retro earrings that look classic and modern at the same time. They are widely available in markets and on web in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. But, you should not pick any style that pleases your eyes, this should please your personality too.

Learn how to find the best drop earrings that is made for you:

Determine your skin tone

If you have a fairer skin tone, go for jewel colors like pinkish, peach, purples, blue, red etc. It enhances the color of your face and the earrings both. If you are on the darker side, search for littl subtle or warm shades like brown, yellow, coral etc. Turquoise makes the best choice for you.

Determine your face shape

Girls with long and oval face fall in a lucky category, from broad to slim, from chandeliers to studs, every pair suits you.  If you have a round face, try getting one with long drops that will to some extent draw out your features. Remember: The earrings are always in proportion to your facial features.

Determine your clothing

A dress should be co-related with your earrings, they share a close relation. Though, you can carry them with any kind of outfit but V-Necklines, strapless dresses or any bare neck patterned outfit look exuberantly stupendous with the drop pairs.

Checkout our collection for some cool pieces starting from Rs 299. Follow the link:

The Fashion Sizzler : Find out what’s on the tray

Hey ladies! There is a tasteful fashion sizzler on the tray for those who get difficulty in matching their accessories together. Accept it! We, girls are really choosy on picks when it comes to our own looks.  Before any wedding, parties or functions, the most difficult thing is to find the matching accessories and it’s not an occasional affair but an everyday thing. Of course folks, we are not going to change anyway, but the tips on what to match with what and how to go accessorized will surely help in curtailing the time and energy further.  Find tips on how to prepare the everyday fashion tray with the ingredients (accessories) that make you look absolutely stunning.

know your color


It’s not every time that the same necklace that has got the tonnes of compliments to your sister works the same for you, in case you look similar and has the same skin tone. Jewelleries and handbags have so much to do with your skin shade. If you have warm complexion, skin, try earth colors like browns, tans, warm grays and golden tones will look best. And, if you have a cooler complexion, go for jewel tones like smoky quartz to pale citrine and opt for silver over gold.

Know your dress

If you are planning to wear open neck dress or a shoulder-less tee, the bold necklace will look perfect, but if you are going for collar our high-necks, then a neckpiece is a strict no-no. It will overboard the complete look and confuse the style. In that case, hold onto the clutch

and earrings that falls down. For everyday use, match backpacks with your high-neck dresses or a sling will look fantastic.

Know the on-going trend

Gone are the times when buying a pink dress asks for a pink watch, pink purse and pink sandals. Instead of going as per the tone of the dress, do fully opposite. For an instance if you are wearing a black dress, instead of accessorize with black jewelry, bag, and heels, match with golden tone. And if say, you are wearing the orange jumpsuit with white strips, couple it with copper, brown, black or silver keeping your skin tone in mind.

Everyday fashion tip:

Instead of matching it to your dress every day, if you coordinate your jewelry with your makeup, the feeling will be more stylish and smart. Try this for a change. Have a look: